The Team



Jeremiah has been successfully developing property throughout Queensland and New South Wales for 35 years including such developments as industrial complexes, shopping centres through to residential apartment buildings. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the Property Development Industry including some industry first achievements. He is the Chief Executive Officer and senior Project Manager for the GSF group of companies and through his skill and expertise guides the various development projects. Jeremiah currently serves and has served in the position of Chairperson and Treasurer of a number of Community organisations. He is a member of the Men’s Health and Well Being Organisation (on the committee for the Manshine 2012 Festival) and is involved with the Pathways to Manhood Organisation.



Gerald is committed to the development of solar energy farms throughout Australia having become acutely aware of the operational structure of the Australian energy sector through managing the research and development of the waste to energy business model. He is now positioned with the contacts and understanding of the sector to develop the rising opportunity of construction of targeted distributed energy production utilising solar and bioenergy. Gerald comes with vast management experience including 10 years with the Australian Federal Government Treasury Department.


Consulting Economist

Francis is responsible for analysing, communicating and resolving economic issues & proposing solutions on behalf of GSF. He brings a wealth of experience with previous roles including Internal auditor ESG investing process, ESG investment research house, preparing business plans for private waste to energy plant, Energy investment fund, renewable energy buyers group, NSW council waste to energy rollout.
In the 1990’s Francis and a colleague established an investment fund for the top 200 ASX companies which only invested in the best environmental performers in each industry sector. They co-founded, co-funded the management business and ran the fund and engaged the clients and other stakeholder relations. They teamed up in 2000 with Vanguard Australia as the responsible entity and RobecoSAM from Zurich to create 2 unit trusts. One unit trust invested in the SAM Australia Sustainability Leaders fund and the other invested in the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index leaders on the, then, Dow Jones Sustainability index (ex-Australia). The fund was seeded in 2000 and was estimated at $1.5b when Francis retired from the fund in 2013.


Consultant (Bachelor of Management & Economics)

Manu is our expert for finance, marketing and innovation . He has a wide range of skills from Accounting to Marketing. He graduated from University in 2012 and has been involved in projects all around the world. Our team profits from his working experience in America, Asia, Europe and Australia. He is passionate about sustainable energy, innovative developments and solar farms around Australia. His main focus for the GSF group is identifying new opportunites, research, feasibility studies, construction cost analysis and marketing. Manu is a member of the West Byron Men’s Group and is a keen surfer


Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

Phil has worked in varying accounting roles over the last 15 years including Senior accountant for Chartered Accountancy practices in New South Wales in a Business and Tax Advisory role. He has also had governance and auditing roles for private companies. Over the last 5 years, Phil has also worked in Finance and Property Education, conducting seminars and developing programs to assist people to understand the complexities and benefits of Property Investing. In the last 6 years Phil has been the Administration Manager and Senior Analyst for the GSF Group of companies bringing his wealth of experience in Accounting, Property and Finance to the Group as well as his unique ability to facilitate management processes that form an integral part of our goal setting and direction for the company. Phil is a member of Men’s Health and Well Being organisation.


Special Projects

John Jones has successfully sold and leased millions of dollars worth of properties for GSF Group and its associates for many years. His experience in the commercial area of real estate is second to none and he leads our sales and marketing team. John has also had good success in marketing residential properties as well.