Global Solar Farms (GSF) is a private Australian group positioned to take advantage of the rise in demand for alternative energy particularly through the construction and development of large scale solar farms. The energy market in Australia is poised for drastic change as old, outdated energy generating technology is being phased out and new technology such as solar, wind and hydro takes over.

GSF is a privately-owned development group capitalising on more than 60 years of combined experience of the GSF team with a wealth of experience and success in industrial, commercial, retail, and residential design, construction, and project management as well as extensive experience in renewable energy and waste to energy business development.

We are committed to the development of solar energy farms throughout Australia having become acutely aware of the operational structure of the Australian energy sector through managing the research and development of a waste to energy business model. GSF is  developing targeted, distributed energy production sites utilising solar and bioenergy.